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Airport Observer Training (CAP 746)

The Restricted Met Observer training course is suitable for observers who will be reporting at airports that have a semi-automatic observing system (SAMOS).

The Restricted Met Observer training course is suitable for observers who will be reporting at airports that have a semi-automatic observing system (SAMOS).

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We are continuing to fine-tune the information we receive and combining it with other hydrodynamics and power management data to even better predict vessel movement. Supporting helicopter logistics is also an option as well. What is clear to us so far, however, is that the forecasting system provides significant potential for operators.
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Details and Specifications

StormGeo is a certified provider of CAP 746 training for aerodrome meteorological observers. This includes the 5-day Restricted Meteorological Observer (RMO) course and annual or start-up competency assessments.

The RMO course is suitable for observers who will be reporting at airports that have an approved semi-automatic observing system (SAMOS).

StormGeo now runs regular RMO courses at its dedicated training centre in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, in conjunction with Muir Matheson Aviation, the met observing systems provider. StormGeo can, on request, offer training at customer airports or heliports.

CAP 746 Restricted Meteorological Observer Course

The course objective is to ensure that the met observer has the required knowledge and practical skills to make semi-automated weather reports to the standard necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft. This includes dissemination of METAR after validation of the visual elements (visibility, weather and cloud).

The training consists of a 5-day course; 2 days of theory followed by 3 days of supervised practical observing. The detailed course timetable is shown here (link).

On successful course completion, the trainee is awarded a Restricted Meteorological Observing certificate.

Training will be provided to ensure the observer can visually evaluate visibility, present weather and cloud amounts, height of cloud bases and presence of significant convective clouds. This will allow these parameters either to be added to the weather report, or if sensors are available on the semi-automated system, to ensure these are validated before dissemination.

Tuition will be provided on the operational requirements for METAR reports, as well as the different requirements between weather reports provided for ATS and those disseminated beyond an aerodrome, in particular the METAR.

The course also covers the interpretation of the self-briefing weather documentation available at an aerodrome.

Competency Assessments

StormGeo is also authorised to provide annual or start-up RMO competency assessments at customer airports/heliports. For more information, contact maria.pedrosa@stormgeo.com

CAP 746 Training Course Prices for 2018

Price per trainee attending a StormGeo hosted RMO course in Westhill is GBP 1200 plus VAT. This includes training costs, training notes, certificates, lunch and tea & coffee.

For RMO courses provided at customer airports/heliports or competency assessments – Price on request maria.pedrosa@stormgeo.com

Course Bookings

For enquires about aerodrome meteorological observer training and competency assessments, contact maria.pedrosa@stormgeo.com

Additional Information

Courses are run regularly, on demand. Cancellations made at least four weeks before the course date will not be charged for. Cancellations less than 4 weeks and at least 1 week before the course will be charged at 50% of the course fee whilst for those cancelled with less than 1 week notice the full course fee will be payable. All prices exclude VAT.