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Safer and more efficient wind farms with advanced weather analytics

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StormGeo provides Vattenfall with daily weather forecasting support for our Dan Tysk and Sandbank offshore wind farms.
Their service plays an important role in supporting our offshore transport and installation works, and we are very happy with the forecasts and the daily service that we get from StormGeo.
Marc Itgen

Decision support for developers, owners and operators

For offshore and onshore wind farms, the highest risk in daily operations comes from weather.

Offshore wind energy farm owners, operators and construction companies depend on good weather information for all of their activities—designing logistical set-ups, planning operations and executing work.

For more than 15 years, StormGeo has provided these customers weather forecasting and decision support for their offshore operations, helping to ensure safety and efficiency.


StormGeo is the preferred provider of weather decision support for more than 50 offshore wind power projects.

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