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Solar Power Forecast

StormGeo provides highly accurate short-term forecasts to help TSO’s maximize security-of-supply of energy

StormGeo provides highly accurate short-term forecasts to help TSO’s maximize security-of-supply of energy

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The solar industry is growing rapidly in terms of installed power. Production forecasting is an important element of energy balancing, especially in Europe and the U.S. where the grid is connected to multiple power sources.

Key Benefits

Accurate Short-term Forecast

Radiation and PV output down to 10-minute granularity, extending out to a week ahead with superior performance in the first few hours.

Satellite Images

New third generation geostationary satellite imagery, integrated with dynamical weather model information to detect and track clouds.

Global Coverage

Accurate forecasts for any location in the world, updated every 10-15 minutes, based on satellites, PV output data and weather models

Details and Specifications

With a highly tuned PV forecast that is updated every 10-15 minutes, StormGeo helps Transmission System Operators (TSO) and Solar Power Operators to:

  • Monitor performance
  • Reduce penalties and curtailments 
  • Manage attached storage
  • Forecast for dispatch and power system adequacy
Our offering

Photovoltaic power request:

  • Short-term PV power output forecast based on your specified latitude and longitude, or aggregated total capacity
  • Estimate aggregated power output from a single park or a fleet of PV systems rolled up to your regions or Transmission System Operators and/or Distribution System Operators areas

Radiation request:

  • Detailed short-term solar radiation data based on your specified latitude and longitude
  • Solar radiation data for the following week
  • Solar radiation data for the past week of estimated actuals over satellite coverage areas
Solar farm TSO

Our Solar Power Forecasting includes:

  • Live power forecast and estimated actuals data
  • Forecast includes 10th & 90th percentile
  • Forecasts weather data, such as radiation, temperature etc
  • Machine Learning algorithms applied to learn real shading and derating from your measured data when provided; alternatively, can use your metadata 
  • Includes accuracy reporting
  • Privacy agreement for your shared data