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Fleet Performance FleetDSS

Advanced fleet analytics

Advanced fleet analytics

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Key Benefits

Visualization of Fleet Positions to Compare Your Fleet Against the Market

Evaluate the accuracy of your commercial vessel description and the competitiveness of your fleet in terms of fuel efficiency to the market.

Dashboard Provides Customized Alarms for Events Affecting Your Fleet and Performance

Analyze various technical and operational alarms to identify vessels that need attention.

Tools to Measure Vessel Technical Performance Over Time and Against Other Ships

Discover and interpret meaningful patterns in performance data, and compare to reference benchmarks.

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StormGeo is an EU MRV Certified supplier. Learn how StormGeo, with 20+ years of experience in ship routing, data collection and data storage, can guide you through the new regulation.

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Details and Specifications

Fleet Decision Support tools at your fingertips

StormGeo addressed the market when designing the new Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS). Partnering with clients, key feedback was utilized to develop tiered levels of FleetDSS, providing a tailor-made solution that meets clients’ needs.

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This basic version provides a map and alarm dashboard. FleetDSS is built for users of our on-board Bon Voyage System (BVS) who wish to display a BVS track, as well as for clients utilizing StormGeo AIS tracking services who only wish to view the current AIS track of the vessel or view historical tracks.

FleetDSS – Emissions

In response to European Union regulations requiring that ships accurately measure their CO2 output, we created FleetDSS – Emissions. The EU has the goal of reducing CO2 by 40% over 1990 levels. FleetDSS – Emissions can help you achieve the goal and be compliant. Fleet DSS – Emissions provides a tool to help create monitoring plans, view leg-by-leg voyage reports and generate annual emissions reports. In addition, the required reports can be sent directly to the verification company of your choice. We have included tools to understand fuel consumption as it relates to performance speed, giving you insight into your fleet beyond the MRV regulations. This level also includes all the features of the basic FleetDSS.

FleetDSS – Performance

The Performance level of FleetDSS gives you the power to truly understand how your vessel is performing commercially. This level allows you to take complete commercial control by doing your own analysis of a voyage based on the charter party terms. Using FleetDSS – Performance, you can:

  • Make exclusions base on the weather conditions the Master reports
  • Exclude periods of time when the vessel was operating in narrow straits or waterways
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Furthermore, our tools allow you to isolate specific ‘good weather’ conditions as a function of:

  • Wind Speed
  • Swell Height
  • Significant Wave Height
  • Sea Temperatures
  • All Ocean Currents

You can also:

  • Exclude days of favorable ocean currents
  • Exclude days of adverse ocean currents

These tools put you in control of your ship’s performance by a complete and full representation of the charter party terms.

FleetDSS – Performance goes beyond the analysis of a single voyage and provides you with deep insight into the performance of your vessel over time. With FleetDSS – Performance you can identify trends in the consumption of fuel as a function of performance speed. The technology that StormGeo employs creates a fuel curve that is far more accurate by comparing fuel consumption to performance speed, NOT a speed over ground or a log speed.

FleetDSS – Performance places the safety, efficiency and economy of each voyage at your fingertips by utilizing proprietary algorithms for advanced Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations, voyage alerts to warn you proactively of under/over speed and/or fuel consumption, as well as a host of weather alerts.

FleetDSS – Performance is the tool you can rely upon to manage the commercial efficiency and safety of your voyages before, during and after the ship sets sail.

Fleet DSS - Analytics

FleetDSS – Analytics is an industry-leading technology that caters to the unique combination of both the commercial performance and the technical performance of your fleet.

The Analyitics level includes the commercial aspects of FleetDSS – Performance, such as the ability to:

  • Create a customized voyage analysis report based on your specific charter party terms
  • Understand the day-to-day safety and commercial operations of your fleet through a series of alarms.

These commercial functions are enhanced in FleetDSS – Analytics, putting powerful tools in your hands to fully understand:

  • Fuel Consumption as a function of performance speed
  • %MCR as a function of Main Engine Consumption
  • Auxiliary Engine Performance
  • Dozens of highly technical and fully customizable graphs and reports
  • The collected data gives you the ability to understand not only the technical performance of your specific vessel, but also how that vessel is performing in comparison to anonymous sister ships or to the rest of your fleet.
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In addition to the functionalities of all the other FleetDSS levels, Analytics allows you to:

  • Understand if your latest hull cleaning or propeller polishing was effective
  • Take proactive action to solve discrepancies in fuel efficiency between two sister ships
  • Understand vessel and fleet utilization rates through our KPI dashboard
  • Continually monitor and analyze the efficiency of your fleet, using a collection of high quality data from onboard sensors

FleetDSS – Analytics is the only tool that gives you a complete understanding of commercial performance combined with highly technical insight into your fleet’s efficiency.

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