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Fleet Tracking

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Global visibility of your fleet

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a shipboard broadcast system that transmits a vessel’s identification, position and other critical data to provide the most complete and timely situational picture of vessel activity worldwide.

Most terrestrial-based AIS systems provide only limited shore-based coverage for vessel monitoring and tracking, but StormGeo's Global AIS Service expands coverage using global satellite-based AIS data to monitor maritime vessels beyond coastal regions. This marine AIS system monitoring maximizes the likelihood of consistent reporting from each vessel in a timely and cost-effective way.

Complete the picture by combining Global AIS service with our live vessel Tracking Service. By combining AIS reports and voyage tracking, fleet managers can closely monitor vessel safety, ETA, and performance to quickly see if a vessel is falling behind schedule or encountering bad weather.

StormGeo AIS Tracking

StormGeo’s live vessel tracking service empowers vessel operators with information and knowledge about vessel activities. It provides real-time tracking and positioning of an individual vessel or an entire fleet via satellite communication, giving accurate and complete position information and extrapolated positions 96 hours into the future.

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AIS Tracking and Monitoring

At a different level, AIS positions can be tracked and included into a monitoring service where the full track is monitored, along with independent calculations of alarms and the ETA to port. Rather than extrapolation of positions, the AIS positions are injected into the captain’s intended route to enable the appropriate calculations. At this level, fuel consumption as reported from the ship can be monitored as well.

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The track can be overlaid against a user-defined set of parameters

Weather layers include:



Other layers:


Position Validation - Providing Transparent Voyages & Data Integrity

The StormGeo Position Validation Services goes the extra step in proactively asking the ship master regarding an irregularity.

Our professionals’ industry knowledge, deep expertise and expert testimony yield insightful client solutions that are easy to understand and acceptable to international tribunals trying to navigate and render an opinion on maritime disputes.

This service benefits either a charterer or an owner. By finding out the facts during the voyage, the charterers are protected from incorrect information which might affect the calculated performance speed.