• Antoni Dubai

Employee Viewpoint

Antoni Therattil is Forecast Manager at StormGeo

In his role as a forecast manager at StormGeo’s office in Dubai, Antoni frequently finds himself embedded with a client team at its operation site. In these real-time situations, he sees how StormGeo’s forecasts are validated in demanding environments, such as offshore deployments for sensitive weather operations.

Antoni relishes these client interactions, where he gets to see the direct impact of StormGeo’s forecasting and guidance. Something as simple as the end-of-day debrief at an offshore site can be extremely rewarding as the client team recounts how it was able to complete a weather-sensitive job within the timeframe StormGeo recommended. Antoni has even had the delight of being with a client offshore and having a client team member who did not know his StormGeo affiliation proudly display to him all of his sophisticated charts and data … from StormGeo.

Antoni is one of nearly 400 people in StormGeo's offices worldwide, all dedicated to providing decision support for your weather-sensitive operations.