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Employee Viewpoint

Anita Feet Johansen is Accountant at StormGeo

While Anita’s position as an accountant at StormGeo’s Bergen headquarters may give her more day-to-day predictability than many of her colleagues whose work is more closely related to weather forecasting, they share a mutual dedication to continuous improvement. Since joining StormGeo in 2011 from StormGeo’s partner, TV2, Anita has automated many of the company’s accounting processes, streamlining workflows for everyone.

Anita also shares the commonality among all StormGeo employees in her love of weather, and she finds joy in the features of each season. As summer’s endless days give way to crisp morning air and the golden colors of autumn, then skiing in the winter sun, followed by spring’s longer, warmer, brighter days and the return of green, Anita appreciates the wonder of weather—predictable and unpredictable at the same time.

Anita is one of nearly 400 people in StormGeo's offices worldwide, all dedicated to providing decision support for your weather-sensitive operations.