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StormGeo is led by a management team of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry   

  • Chief Executive Officer Kent Zehetner

    Kent Zehetner

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer Jakob Fink2

    Jakob Fink

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Commercial Officer SveinK Giskegjerde

    Svein Kåre Giskegjerde

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer Gard Hauge

    Gard Hauge

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Meteorologist Martin Q Gronnevet

    Martin Q Grønnevet

    Chief Meteorologist

  • Human Resources Director Mette K Hansen

    Mette Krohn-Hansen

    Human Resources Director

  • Vice President Marketing Cynthia Harris

    Cynthia Harris

    Vice President Marketing

  • Vice President Products SvennOwe Haugland2

    Svenn Owe Haugland

    Vice President Products

  • ChiefExecutiveOfficer IW Mark Chambers

    Mark Chambers

    VP of Strategy & Planning, StormGeo Group

  • Head of shipping Glenn Edvardsen

    Glenn Edvardsen

    Vice President Shipping

  • VicePresidentOnshore DanielMathew

    Daniel Mathew

    Vice President Onshore

  • HeadOfOffshore HogneFolkestad

    Hogne Folkestad

    Vice President Offshore

  • HeadOfRenewables

    Jostein Mælan

    Vice President Renewables

  • HeadOfMedia Ragnvald Moberg

    Ragnvald Moberg

    Director of Advanced Analytics​