Tropical Meteorologist

In Houston

Full time

General Summary

A Tropical Meteorologist is a forecaster with specific interest, training and capabilities in preparing products and services specific to tropical cyclone forecasting to our clientele.  Requirement for a Tropical Meteorologist position are that the candidate has an M.S in Meteorology, or a B.S. in Meteorology with plus 5+ years of tropical weather forecasting experience.  Tropical Meteorologists provide timely and accurate weather information to clients.  Though the Tropical Meteorologist specializes in Tropical Cyclone forecasting, they must also acquire and maintain working knowledge of general forecasting done by the rest of the operations staff, and fulfillment of duties from these teams in service of our clients.  In tropical situations, the Tropical meteorologist coordinates and drives the overall forecast with all teams within SGOPS and ensures that all forecasters are updated on all tropical cyclone threats to all clients world-wide. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

·       Have advanced knowledge of StormGeo, Group. and its clientele.   

·       Responsible for high quality, accurate and professional weather forecasts and alerts while maintaining required ISO 9001 quality standards as written in the TropicsWatch Quality Standards document.

·       Requires frequent client interactions during hurricane season.  Must be able to effectively respond to clients’ requests via phone calls or emails, whether a scheduled daily briefing or a special short-notice discussion is initiated by the client.   

·       Ability to professionally conduct and lead a conference call, which may include online briefing elements including but not limited to webcam and screen-driven presentations.

  • Achieve a comfort level and professional competence in recording video presentations/briefings.

·       Be able to analyze weather models for consistency, accuracy, and proper initialization, and be able to explain strengths and weaknesses as well as model trends to StormGeo operations through frequent email updates during active periods.

·       Utilize satellite and radar products to conduct 24/7 met-watching for clients subscribed at that level of service.

·       Write detailed end-of-shift discussions explaining what weather conditions occurred during the shift and what weather conditions to expect through the next shift and over the coming days for the assigned forecast clients and regions.  Also state any changes that were made to the previous forecasts and any differences in the weather models.  Client communications should also be noted.

·       Display initiative to take-on extra tasks; volunteers to participate in projects.  Often tasked to perform research activity for SG or its clients outside of the peak of the tropical seasons. 

·       A strong focus on research is key.  Present research work at meteorological conferences.

·       Coordinate weather products with other teams within SGOPS.

·       Supports other teams, as needed, within SGOPS.

·       Complete annual and quarterly training as assigned by the Supervisor or Manager.

·       Act as our clients’ meteorological partner. Understand their operations and know that they are counting on you to keep them apprised of any weather threats to their operations. Display initiative and collaborate with the CST on reaching out to clients via phone call, and in some cases, email, to ensure they know what you know.

·       Exhibit a positive attitude and display winning team attributes. Professional appearance, strong work ethic, and a willingness to accept change and adapt are required.

·       May be tasked by the TropicsWatch Manager to train new team members.

Job Specifications

  • M.S. degree in Meteorology or a B.S. in Meteorology, or closely related physical science, or equivalent military experience, plus 5+ years of tropical weather forecasting experience.
  • Must have level of proficiency with Windows PC software including Microsoft Office.  Ubuntu Linux and GEMPAK proficiency is a plus. 
  • Familiarity and comfort with presenting briefings on a variety of virtual meeting software platforms, including but not limited to Teams, Zoom, GTM, Bluejeans, Chime, etc.
  • Required to produce daily, storm-specific, and other videos as needed.
  • This position requires a rotating shift schedule.
  • Self-confident, yet able to collaborate and/or accept change in a collegial manner where differences of opinion exist. 
  • Must be able to deal with stressful situations such as severe weather and operational issues competing for priority.
  • Must be well-organized and able to effectively prioritize tasks and activities.

·       Strong written and verbal communications skills are a must.  Will be required to record daily videos for online content, provide client briefings via phone calls, conference calls, and online meetings.  May occasionally present research work at meteorological conferences.

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