Dave VandenHeuvel

Dave VandenHeuvel

Commercial Director, Houston

Dave VandenHeuvel is the Commercial Manager in StormGeo’s Cross Industry department in Houston, Texas. With a military education and training background, he specializes in aviation meteorology and leadership of highly technical teams.

Dave’s Story

“It was exciting for me to accept a position at StormGeo, where I could use my technical and meteorological expertise to solve weather-related problems in many industries.”

Dave started his career in the United States Air Force in 1984 as a weather observer, providing weather support for aviation and strategic airlift. Four years later, he became an honor graduate of the Air Force’s Weather Technician course.

During his time in the Air Force, he acquired a number of technical skills, including becoming Network Administrator for a 150-person squadron. He also oversaw the technical implementation for an Operational Weather Squadron and ran a weather flight during Super Typhoon “Ponsonga” in December 2002.

In 2003 he joined IPS MeteoStar, a military weather forecasting system. As CEO, Dave guided the commercialization of this product to include new customers like FedEx, NASA, the Brazilian Air Force, the Dutch Air Force, Belgium Air traffic Control, and many others.

Seven years later he became Senior Vice President of Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), leading the enterprise services teams to develop software solutions for insurance, B2B applications, oil and gas, and power utility companies. In 2012 he developed the WDT Weather Ops forecasting services division.

Dave enjoys cultivating relationships, as well as training, engaging and negotiating with diverse groups of people. He has built partnerships with StormGeo stakeholders in logistics, insurance and risk management.

“It is a privilege to work in a company that is seen as a trusted partner for companies requiring decision support for weather sensitive operations. It has been very exciting, as the company continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing weather services providers.”

Since joining the company in 2016, Dave has led the restructuring the onshore sales team and the coordination of GIS services. He has also streamlined proposal generation and been involved in the marketing of weather events.


Weather Solutions tailored to unique business problems. Software Development using Agile Processes.


  • PACAF NCO of the Year
  • NCO of the Year
  • 1st Weather Wing Commander Special Achievement Award
  • AWS Williams Award


An honor graduate of all aspects of military education and training, including the Air Force’s four-year Weather Technician Course. Courses included Meteorology (Master Technician), Advanced Radar Principles, Leadership, Computer Science/Networking, Web Development/Design