Gard Hauge

Gard Hauge

Chief Data Officer, Bergen

Leads a small and agile team focused on growing existing and future business areas for StormGeo. Holds a strong technology and analytic background with a focus on how weather and data science influences people and complex decisions. An expert in understanding how weather influences complex operations and how advanced services can help to safeguard critical operations.

Gard’s Story

“I am driven by taking deep science and technological possibilities into everyday actions. Throughout my time with StormGeo, I have worked with a wide variety of challenges and projects, delivering real-time solutions to some of the most complex operations seen by our industries in the last decade. It has been extremely motivating to be part of the technology revolution in the weather industry over the last decades and how this tech can be used for practical purposes worldwide.”

Gard has always focused on technology as an enabler for solutions.

“I became interested in meteorology quite early. At the age of 16, I started paragliding. Soaring with birds triggered my interest in what caused good flying conditions. The link between mathematics, natural science and my passion for flying made meteorology a natural choice. In addition, Bergen holds a unique history when it comes to meteorology and weather forecasting. Not many Norwegians actually know that modern era meteorology was theoretically founded here in Bergen with Vilhelm Bjerknes and the Bergen School of Meteorology.”

Gard joined StormGeo back in 1999, when StormGeo was a small, embryonic company. After finalizing a PhD in numerical Meteorology, he came back to StormGeo in 2003 with a clear goal at hand: Make StormGeo the first commercial company in Europe with own capabilities of numerical Weather Predictions. During his work, he quickly showed that it was possible to create operational weather prediction systems capable of competing against national institutes, even with limited resources. Gard made the foundation for numerical modelling in StormGeo — an applied research area that is still crucial at StormGeo.

“The evolution of weather forecasting from Bjerknes to today’s massive compute power has led to forecasting capabilities beyond imagination over the last decades. I am sure that the future will bring fantastic discoveries given the emerging opportunities seen in the inflection point between the Internet of Things, data science and in-depth domain understanding."

Gard became the CTO in 2009 with a key focus on building a scalable and reliable product and service line to meet internal and external needs for scalability and reliability.

The passion to take science into everyday actionable services has been a key contribution to build the service levels seen today at StormGeo. Gard has been the project leader of several large projects funded by both public and private sources and has also co-supervised the PhD work of Dr. Olav Krogsæter as part of an industrial PhD sponsored by StormGeo.


Dr. Scient. (PhD) degree in Meteorology. Title: “High resolution weather forecasting and predictability – applications in complex terrain”.