Henk Grouls

Henk Grouls

Vice President of Cross-Industry, Houston

Heads StormGeo’s Cross-Industry division. With over 30 years of business consulting and market development experience, Henk provides clients with strategic weather decision support, helping customers to protect their valuable assets, avoid unnecessary costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Henk’s Story

“My goal is to provide decision support information, based on facts that will enable clients to make timely decisions for employee and customer safety, and asset protection.”

Henk joined the executive management team in early 2018 with a background in market development at IBM, Deloitte and other companies, where he managed engagements in multiple industries such as consumer products, retail, travel, transportation, distribution and healthcare. Henk’s decades of cross-industry knowledge combine well with his measurable experience in strategic decision support.

“The weather forecast itself does not ensure that people are safe, or that business disruption to companies is reduced. The forecast becomes meaningful when it is applied to people’s decisions, both personal and business related. For example, knowing in advance the chances for severe weather can help a rental car or trucking company to decide where to position their assets to minimize damage, but in parallel it can also help the employees to be out of the path of the weather.”

As VP of Cross-Industry, Henk provides guidance on business continuity to clients in insurance, retail, healthcare, telecom, hospitality, and financial services, based on StormGeo’s advanced weather data analysis.

“We can help with crucial decisions like ‘should we evacuate the hospital or not?’ The client can then make choices that are based on facts, not internet hype. Or we can take a long-range forecast and determine the financial impact and reserves a company needs or has to insure, helping the client to avoid unplanned expenditures.”


Business Continuity; Cross-Industry; Asset Protection; Decision Support: Data Analysis; Business Optimization; Artificial Intelligence


Henk holds a NIMA-B (MBA equivalent) Marketing Management certification from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Information Technology from Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).