Hogne Folkestad

Hogne Folkestad

Vice President, Offdhore, Bergen

With over a decade at StormGeo, Hogne now leads the company’s Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas teams. With a background in information science, he is able to ensure that all StormGeo services and products are effective solutions for client challenges.

Hogne's Story

“I’m proud of what we’ve done. We grew a small media outfit that was an offspring of TV2 into a global force to be reckoned with in the weather industry. Amongst international marine decision support for weather sensitive operations, we are dominant.”

Hogne began working with StormGeo (then Storm Weather Center) under a six month program for recent graduates. He was tasked with gearing up the sales and marketing departments at a time when StormGeo consisted of just 30 employees. 13 years later, Hogne now manages the company’s second largest business line, Oil and Gas.

“When I started, it was a very exciting time of growth. It has been an incredible journey — starting as a sales person to running the second largest vertical. We were a small team, so we went where the opportunities were. We saw opportunities in Oil and Gas.”

With his insight into customer needs and a background in information science, Hogne was able to play a central role in shaping how StormGeo’s Content Management System and the innovative Forecast Production System were developed. These systems have been key differentiators for StormGeo — creating efficient deliveries and service configurations within all lines of business. The systems are now known as the StormGeo Vortex platform.

Hogne played a major role in winning the bids for and building partnerships with Equinor and Hydro before the two companies merged. This began the natural transition for him to focus solely on Oil and Gas.

When he first started with StormGeo, weather data was not being translated into actionable information (i.e. ‘What does this mean for me?’). Seeing this, Hogne facilitated the connection between naval architects and weather experts into what is now known as ‘response forecasting ’ for oil and gas rigs — predicting how a rig will move due to elements such as swell and wave height. This forecast gives companies the time they need to create mitigation plans, such as disconnecting the gangway before an incident occurs.

“It’s important to look into the consequences of the weather, not just the weather itself. This is what excited me in this job — when you’re able to turn a customer challenge into an operational solution that serves them both from a safety and financial perspective.”

Hogne also contributed to growing StormGeo into an international company — bidding for projects outside of Europe, winning monumental contracts such as Shell Europe, and working to establish offices in Aberdeen, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Houston and Dubai. He worked for two years as the Managing Director for the Aberdeen office before becoming the Vice President for Oil & Gas.

Hogne has three boys and loves coaching their football teams as well as supporting Bergen’s team, Brann. He says he hopes they will improve their frequency of winning the league from every 44th year.


Oil & Gas, IT strategy, data flows, business strategy, product development, project management, transforming pains and needs into product solutions


Masters in Information Science, Bachelor’s in Media Science, University in Bergen