Jostein Nilsen Mælan

Jostein Nilsen Mælan

Chief Commercial Officer, Oslo

As Chief Commercial Officer at StormGeo, Jostein oversees all our industries' sales, business development, and commercial aspects, including Energy, Ocean, and Shipping. Jostein joined StormGeo in 2007 and has built a solid and global company over the years, reaching all continents and seas. Jostein has a formal meteorology and management background and a passion for nature and people. At StormGeo, Jostein works with experts and energized teams around the clock to ensure digital excellence and deep weather/climate understanding guide our customers and their crews safely and efficiently, with reduced carbon intensity, through a shifting world and a harsher climate.

Jostein’s Story

“The most exciting part of this job is actually feeling that you’re contributing to a more sustainable, intelligent and greener world. Over the last ten years, the renewables industry has exploded, and now it’s a major part of StormGeo’s global activities.”

While Jostein officially joined the team in 2007, he has a long history with StormGeo, dating from its inception in the late 1990s.

“In 1997, I co-developed the original business plan for Storm Weather Center, which served as the starting point for today’s StormGeo. In the early stages of Storm Weather Center, I was hired as a consultant to mentor and train the company’s first meteorologists to do operational forecasting.”

After working for the Norwegian meteorological institute and building up the met.nos commercial arm, Jostein worked with Metaphor Systems creating weather graphics for TV stations in Europe and the U.S.

In 2007, he was employed by StormGeo, where he set to work establishing the company’s Renewables division.

“Since then, the Renewables team has grown rapidly and now makes up 15% of the total company force, with operations and clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia. I look forward to further building the Renewables arm at StormGeo.”

During 2009–2017, Jostein was also on the board of the Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy (NORCOWE). As the center’s key research into offshore wind was taking place, StormGeo was building up its Offshore Wind solutions, using the latest in research and technology.

“I’m fascinated by nature. Renewable energies are about working with the nature, not against it – they allow us to reduce the environmental impact of mankind’s activities through technology, and I enjoy being a part of that.”


Offshore Wind; Wind Power Forecasting; Meteorology; Operational Forecasting; Renewables; Metocean Forecasting


Jostein holds a MSc degree in Meteorology from the University of Bergen (1988–1994). He also has a Master’s degree in Management from the Business Administration and Management program at the BI Norwegian Business School (2002–2005).