• Alfa Laval finalises acquisition of BunkerMetric for StormGeo merger
From Manifold Times

Alfa Laval finalises acquisition of BunkerMetric for StormGeo merger

Alfa Laval, a global supplier of solutions for fluid handling, on Tuesday (13 September) said it has acquired BunkerMetric, a Scandinavian software company that develops advanced decision support tools for marine bunker vessels. 

The acquisition is part of Alfa Laval’s strategy to expand its digital marine service offering and will be part of the recently acquired StormGeo, a global leader in weather intelligence software and decision support services.

BunkerMetric, headquartered in Denmark, supports ship operators in finding the best bunker procurement plan and improving voyage margins by using sophisticated algorithms. 

“The optimisation tools, together with StormGeo’s advanced route services, will enable ship owners to streamline operations to help them improve their bottom line. BunkerMetric’s procurement optimisation tool will become a subscription service within StormGeo’s existing offering,” said Alfa Laval.

Manifold Times, on 5 August, reported Alfa Laval had signed an agreement to acquire BunkerMetric. 

Christian Plum, CEO of BunkerMetric, had said combining BunkerMetric’s optimisation algorithms and data platforms with StormGeo’s cutting-edge data science will mean valuable synergies for existing and future customers. 

This article was first published by Manifold Times on September 14, 2022