• Applied Weather Technology Announces AWT SmartWatch

Applied Weather Technology Announces AWT SmartWatch

Jun 2, 2015

New Vessel Performance System Provides Insight for Proactive Fleet Management

Sunnyvale, Calif. and Oslo, Nor-Shipping #B01-20, June 2, 2015—Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), a StormGeo Company and leading provider of fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software, today announced AWT SmartWatch™. The new service is a response to mandates based on IMO regulations for shipping companies to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. SmartWatch captures and analyze ship and fleet performance, providing owners and operators with a system to manage fleet efficiency, meet requirements to reduce carbon emissions and improve profitability.

AWT SmartWatch monitors historic performance analysis to determine the efficiency of vessels so that owners and operators can command the best rate. SmartWatch provides key metrics for each vessel, at sea and in port. Operators can manage alerts, data, thresholds and benchmarks to proactively manage fuel efficiency and vessel performance.

Haydn Jones, CEO Applied Weather Technology, comments, “At the heart of the AWT SmartWatch service is the concept of continuous ship data recording – not only during ocean passages but during coastal sailing and even in port. We believe that this data, made available via the AWT Fleet DSS tool, will provide our clients with a competitive edge by assessing the fuel consumption efficiency of their fleet, both over time for a specific vessel and in comparison to sister ships. I am confident that AWT SmartWatch offers a valuable tool for efficient, modern ship management.”

A time-and event-based system, SmartWatch maintains a close watch on vessel performance details including fuel consumption, engine performance, vessel age and condition. The result provides insight for proactive fleet management.

KPI reports are delivered through a customizable dashboard with continuous updates to match requirements for fleet management. Owners and operators are also alerted of heavy weather, war risk and pirate attack areas so they can take proactive measures.

AWT SmartWatch benefits customers by providing big picture data and reporting to make informed decisions, compare vessel performance to other vessels and optimize vessel performance throughout each voyage.

About Applied Weather Technology

AWT is a leading provider of shore-based ship routing advisory services, on-board voyage optimization systems and fleet management systems. The company routes 50,000 ship voyages annually. Its award winning products and services are designed to help ship owners, charterers, operators, fleet managers and captains identify the safest, most time-efficient or fuel-efficient routes for their fleets. AWT is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, with worldwide offices in UK, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Korea. AWT is a member of the StormGeo Group of companies. StormGeo is a global service provider of decision support services and products for weather sensitive operations. The group offers solutions in the offshore oil and gas, shipping, renewable energy, onshore business continuity, media and aviation industries. The StormGeo Group is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and operates out of 25 offices in 15 countries. AWT is the Shipping Division of the StormGeo Group.