• Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Chooses StormGeo to Provide Aviation Weather Services in Antarctica

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Chooses StormGeo to Provide Aviation Weather Services in Antarctica


The Alfred Wegener Institute and Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have selected StormGeo to deliver aviation weather services for operations in Antarctica's Queen Maud Land region. AWI is organizing weather forecasting for all nations working in Queen Maud Land and has partnered with StormGeo to ensure critical weather support for flight and ground operations in the region.

The collaboration commenced in October, with StormGeo's initial forecast covering the season's first intercontinental flight from Cape Town in South Africa to the Norwegian research station Troll. The forecasters, based in Bergen and Aberdeen, conducted advanced weather forecasting support, which is crucial for aviation support in the challenging meteorological conditions of the region. As little instrumentation is available at the Antarctic airfields, pilots rely intensely on visual input when landing the aircraft. Hence, accurate forecasting of the scarce weather windows is essential.

"Antarctica offers extreme conditions, providing our enthusiastic meteorologists with unique challenges,” says StormGeo's Head of Operations for Weather Insights, Frode Korneliussen. Weather forecasting in the region is considered a 'holy grail' of meteorology, generating excitement in the team that few other tasks can rival. We at StormGeo take great pride in being chosen to deliver this specialized service."

StormGeo will provide dedicated weather support to AWI for four years, focusing on intercontinental flights from South Africa and flight and ground operations within the Queen Maud Land, offering intensive assistance during the summer season and reduced service during winter. Meteorologists from StormGeo will deliver forecasts and provide pilots with weather information through a web portal and e-mail. The meteorologists will also hold online briefings with both pilots and ground personnel.

"The success of our work in Antarctica hinges greatly upon the weather conditions. Whether conducting airborne operations, executing scientific field measurements, or engaging in technical field work, our activities rely entirely on weather factors. Collaborating with StormGeo as our partner fills us with optimism, as their high-quality forecast products promise a more assured approach to planning our operations. This partnership equips us to optimize our productivity during the brief but crucial Antarctic summer season," says Christine Wesche, who oversees logistics coordination for Antarctic field campaigns at AWI.


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