• AWT and Veson Nautical Announce a New Collaboration

AWT and Veson Nautical Announce a New Collaboration

Press Release - Sunnyvale, Calif., March 23, 2015 – Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), a StormGeo Company and leading provider of fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software, announced today that it will collaborate with Veson Nautical to simplify Captains’ reporting with communications to shore-based managers. Veson Nautical software solutions enable the world’s leading shipping organizations to better manage voyage chartering, operations, financials and risk.

This new offering delivers notable time-savings to vessel Captains, enabling them to send a single at-sea report to both the onshore operator and AWT via Veslink, rather than sending multiple duplicate reports comprised of the same data. In one click, operators using both AWT and Veslink can deliver critical data to both the AWT weather routing service and voyage management through Veslink and IMOS. This leads to timely data with increased accuracy, and streamlines the workflow onboard the vessel.

“I can truly say that our collaboration with Veson is based on the demands of many of our important clients who would like to see closer integration of AWT and Veson services,” said Haydn Jones, CEO of AWT. “The immediate goal is for AWT’s use of Veslink formatted ship reports that will help to reduce the load on ship’s masters for preparing multiple similar daily reports. In today’s world of ever deeper and closer operational integration of ship and shore-based management, this is a step in the right direction. Veson Nautical is an internationally recognized maritime service provider and we are proud to be working with them.”

John Veson, Veson Nautical Co-President said, “AWT is a key leader that consistently delivers valuable innovations and services to the maritime industry. Veson Nautical is delighted to partner with AWT, enabling our clients to further optimize their voyage routing.”

The companies look forward to delivering additional software integration points over the coming years.

About AWT

AWT is a leading provider of shore-based ship routing advisory services, on-board voyage optimization systems and fleet management systems. The company routes 50,000 ship voyages annually. Its award winning products and services are designed to help ship owners, charterers, operators, fleet managers and captains identify the safest, most time-efficient or fuel-efficient routes for their fleets. AWT is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, with worldwide offices in UK, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Korea. AWT is also a StormGeo company. StormGeo is a market leader, providing decision support services and products for weather sensitive operations. The company offers solutions in the offshore oil and gas, shipping, renewable energy, onshore business continuity, media and aviation industries. The StormGeo Group is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and operates out of 25 offices in 15 countries. More information is available at www.awtworldwide.com or by calling +1.408.731.8600.

About Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical is the premier provider of maritime commercial management and trading software. The company’s integrated solutions foster collaboration and communication, enabling the world’s leading shipping organizations to better manage voyage chartering, operations, financials, and risk. The Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS), Veson Nautical’s flagship solution, empowers faster and more strategic decision making, supporting clients to realize revenue growth, protect voyage P&L, and optimize performance. Veslink is an online service that streamlines the collection and distribution of mission-critical commercial maritime data. With its focus on constant innovation and customer service, Veson Nautical serves over 6,500 users at more than 200 prominent maritime organizations worldwide. The company may be reached via the Web at www.veson.com or in their Boston headquarters at +1.617.723.2727.