• AWT Announces SmartSpeed
Sep 9, 2014

AWT SmartSpeed Delivers Variable Speed and Variable Routes Updated Daily

Sunnyvale, Calif., September 9, 2014, SMM Hamburg Stand B7.309 – Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), a StormGeo company and leading provider of ship routing, fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software, today announced AWT SmartSpeed™. The new AWT service is believed to be the first route advisory service to use advanced optimization to set both the optimum route and optimum speed for each segment of a voyage, with daily updates.

AWT SmartSpeed combines vessel specifications and voyage details with AWT’s vast database of nearly 20 years’ weather and oceanographic information, to calculate optimum speed settings across an entire voyage. This allows operators and captains to improve the performance of their vessels and burn less fuel. AWT SmartSpeed is suited for anyone operating a vessel that is affected by weather conditions who needs to ensure safe and efficient passage and where the speed can be varied.

AWT routes 50,000 ship voyages per year and has access to millions of speed and consumption records in all types of weather. This gives AWT a unique ability to calculate a vessel’s consumption and the effects of weather. This is made possible using massive computing power. The advanced computations provide AWT customers with a proactive service to aid shore and ship personnel to control the largest cost element on most voyages—fuel.

Prior to a voyage, AWT supplies shore-based ship operators with a pre-voyage plan for each segment of the voyage, the operator can then send this information to the ship. During a voyage, users are provided with the tools to proactively minimize fuel costs, achieve on-time arrival and actively monitor daily fuel consumption. When the voyage is completed, AWT Voyage Reports allow users to monitor compliance with the speed orders to the ships. On a monthly or quarterly basis a return on investment (ROI) analysis is provided to document fuel savings.

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