• AWT Changes its Name to StormGeo

AWT Changes its Name to StormGeo

Sunnyvale, Calif., Feb.14, 2017 -- Applied Weather Technology Inc. (AWT) has changed its name to its parent company, StormGeo. StormGeo is a global provider of advanced analytics and meteorological services for weather sensitive operations serving industries including shipping, corporate enterprise, offshore and renewables.

StormGeo, headquartered in Bergen, Norway acquired AWT in January 2014, and has accelerated time-to-market for new shipping products and services as part of the StormGeo group. The company has taken its place as an industry leader, routing more than 60,000 voyages per year.

Richard Brown, Shipping Operations CEO for StormGeo, assures AWT customers, "You will continue to receive the same exceptional 24/7/365 service as always. In addition, as part of StormGeo, we will be utilizing the group's capabilities in advanced analytics and deep learning to continuously improve our services. We are proud to be part of a company that is at the forefront of these disciplines. Through these methods we plan to support our customers moving forward as the shipping industry is changing now more than ever."

StormGeo is currently applying advanced analytics to its fleet management solution. AWT SmartWatch™ analyzes hundreds of thousands of voyages to deliver anonymous performance data, moving beyond the traditional KPI's such as fuel optimization, draft and trim optimization.

With 20 years of experience in shipping, StormGeo has built a unique data lake with ship route data, fuel consumption and other performance indicators for hundreds of thousands of routes across the globe. It is analyzing massive amounts of historical and real-time data with artificial intelligence. Using deep learning and neural networks, StormGeo helps shipping customers with deep insights to make better decisions and safeguard daily operations.

About StormGeo
StormGeo is a global provider of advanced analytics and meteorological services delivering decision support for weather sensitive operations. Since its inception StormGeo has analyzed petabytes of data, transforming it into actionable decision guidance to help our customers manage risk and operations, control costs and increase revenue. The company has a leading position in solutions for shipping, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and corporate enterprise. StormGeo has 23 worldwide offices of which seven are 24/7/365 operation centers. StormGeo is ISO-9001 certified.