• AWT Launches BVS for Yachts

AWT Launches BVS for Yachts

June 12, 2014 – Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), a StormGeo company and leading provider of fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software, today announced the launch of Bon Voyage System (BVS) for Yachts. BVS for Yachts is an easy-to-use on-board software system for voyage planning that provides up-to-date weather forecasts and ocean data for yacht captains, owners and charterers. With the launch of this product, AWT, known for its reliable voyage planning products and services in the maritime shipping industry, branches into a new market.

BVS for Yachts uses high-resolution data, making it easy to plan and optimize routes for time, safety or cost. BVS for Yachts also provides 15-day forecasts and customizable forecast parameters to enable yacht owners to find the best weather window for their departure, and the best route for their voyage. All data is automatically downloaded via the Internet so the latest information is always available. For yachts without Internet access, data is delivered via email.

BVS for Yachts includes safety features such as severe motions or resonance alerts to reduce severe rolling and dangerous vessel motions, detailed rogue wave forecasts, wind speed, sea height, swell height, and global pirate attack information provided by the IMB Piracy Reporting Center.

BVS for Yachts also includes AWT’s proprietary optimization algorithm to help yacht owners find the most efficient voyage while avoiding adverse weather conditions. For more information, go to the BVS for Yachts web page.