• AWT Releases Fleet Decision Support System 2.0

AWT Releases Fleet Decision Support System 2.0

November 12, 2013 – Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT) a leading provider of fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software, today announced the latest version of its fully customizable fleet management system with the release of Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS) Version 2.0. In addition to being suitable for use within a company’s IT network, FleetDSS has new tools, including an ETA confidence tool and a comparative vessel type performance graph, making it easy for operators to closely manage their fleets.
FleetDSS 2.0 includes high-resolution wind, wave and current data to provide operators with more detailed information. This version also includes specific information about swell conditions and combined with other parameters, provides detailed information on how ships will be affected by the weather and currents.
Version 2.0 is a network version which means it can now be set up to collect the weather and route data at one central location and multiple users can access this data. It also adds an ETA confidence tool that analyzes 20 different model outputs to predict the likelihood that a ship will arrive at the projected time. Operators can use this tool to evaluate the confidence in a vessel’s ETA and the likelihood of the vessel having an earlier or later arrival in order to make more informed decisions.
In addition, FleetDSS 2.0 provides a graphical tool comparing performance across a group or class of ships to help fleet managers monitor the efficiency of their fleets. Using this tool, operators compare their ship’s performance with other ships of the same type to attain a comparative analysis.
With version 2.0, users can easily assess how each vessel is doing compared to their specific charter party terms. Users can access this data using the fleet performance report or monitor vessels that are under-performing using the alert dashboard.
The new version expands it capabilities to meet the needs of all sectors of the shipping industry and is well suited for a company’s safety team, fuel efficiency team and operations team.