• Christiania Shipping opts for StormGeo’s CII simulator
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Christiania Shipping opts for StormGeo’s CII simulator

The chemical shipping specialist wants to improve the environmental performance of its fleet and stay compliant with industry regulations when they kick in 2023. The company added StormGeo’s CII Simulator to its fleet performance management toolbox in June 2022.

“With the new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating scheme coming into play soon, we are determined to do our part in decarbonising the shipping industry,” said Christiania chief operating manager, Rune Eriksen Lorentsen.

“StormGeo’s CII Simulator not only gives us deep insights into the CII status of our individual vessels but also helps us make well-informed decisions on how we best can deploy our fleet. The system is very user-friendly and is being used across the organisation.”

Weather intelligence provider StormGeo launched the simulator back in June. The simulator monitors the compliance status over the course of a year and computes any deterioration to forecast the next year’s CII ratings. If the simulation identifies any deterioration, operators can trigger decision-making processes regarding vessel retrofits or major vessel conversions if operational measures are insufficient.

Christiania Shipping currently uses StormGeo’s s-Insight platform for onboard data collection, automated ship-to-shore reporting systems, and comprehensive dashboards.

“StormGeo is excited to have Christiania Shipping on board and provides the tools they need to ensure regulatory compliance and reach their decarbonisation targets,” said StormGeo vice president for sales Espen Martinsen.

“We have long experience helping shipping companies improve their environmental performance and now offer a user-friendly solution that can help drive the green agenda in the shipping industry even further.”

Earlier this week Christiania Shipping announced it would roll out an AI-based shaft power limitation system across its fleet. 

This article was first published by Riviera on November 10, 2022