• Kyoto Group Signs with StormGeo for Deep Power Market Insights
Kyoto Group Signs with StormGeo for Deep Power Market Insights v2

Kyoto Group Signs with StormGeo for Deep Power Market Insights

The Norwegian thermal battery producer Kyoto Group signs with StormGeo Nena, becoming the first battery producer to access the leading analysis house's energy market insights.

 Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Kyoto Group provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to fossil fuel-based industrial energy consumption through its thermal energy storage solution, Heatcube. Relying on an innovative molten salt technology to store heat, the advanced solution can help energy-intensive companies decarbonize process heat, cut energy costs, and lead the way as a net zero supplier.

“As a developer and owner of thermal batteries for decarbonization of industrial heat demand, Kyoto Group needs to follow the development in the energy markets,” said Tim de Haas, CCO at Kyoto Group. “In addition to in-house capabilities, we rely on external expertise through analysis providers. StormGeo Nena is a renowned expert in the energy markets and a natural choice for Kyoto Group.”

Kyoto Group now has access to StormGeo Nena’s deep power market insights through long-term scenario-based analysis for all Nordic price areas, coal and emissions market analyses, and weekly power market reports for the Nordics.

“StormGeo has served energy-intensive industries for years, and we are excited to see an increasing number of renewable energy companies take advantage of our services,” said Arve Dahl Nielsen, Senior VP for Onshore Europe at StormGeo. “Our deep knowledge of the energy markets makes us uniquely qualified to provide top-notch short- and long-term price prognoses and power grid flexibility expectations to Kyoto Group. We see this as an exciting opportunity to support our first thermal battery client and continue to expand our services to the renewables energy industry.”

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