• NAVTOR and AWT Agreement

September 29, 2014 – E-navigation pioneer NAVTOR has signed an agreement with maritime weather routing specialist Applied Weather Technology (AWT) that will see the two companies integrating their services to offer the ultimate in route planning and decision making tools. As a result of the deal, AWT’s market leading routing and optimisation systems will now be offered on NAVTOR’s recently launched NavStation software.

NavStation operates as the world’s first “digital chart table,” gathering and overlaying all the data maritime navigators require – including ENCs, digital publications, and other services like piracy updates – on a single screen for the very first time. The product is available as standalone software for standard computers and touch devices, or with an optional, OEM developed and supplied 46-inch ‘gigapad’ touch device for use on the bridge.
AWT’s Optimization Routing Service will now be offered as a “layer” within NavStation, giving users around-the-clock weather routing information and analysis, with optimal planning capabilities. AWT communicates the latest data from its onshore base in highly compressed, economical formats, minimising communication costs. This gives navigators the freedom to constantly update routes, maximising safety and accurate scheduling, while keeping fuel use and emissions to a minimum.

AWT’s service will provide subscribing NavStation users with dynamically optimised routes based on the very latest weather and ocean data, while the optimisation feature helps plan the most efficient routes possible to manage voyage costs. The package can be added to the standard NavStation “base layer” – NAVTOR’s market proven ENC service – alongside additional, optional layers such as tidal information, iceberg updates and all Admiralty digital products and publications.

The agreement is a landmark deal for the e-navigation segment, with the union of two players who lead the market within their specialist disciplines. NAVTOR provides its products and services to a who’s who of shipping businesses – including shipowners controlling over 70% of Norway’s renowned offshore fleet – while AWT, now a part of StormGeo, routes more than 50,000 ship voyages per year.