• StormGeo Announces Cable Lay Service
StormGeo Meteorologist Kristen Reikvam Ravnestad Photo credits StormGeo

StormGeo Announces Cable Lay Service

Bergen, Norway, July 7, 2016 – StormGeo, the global provider of weather forecasting services and decision support for weather sensitive operations, today announced the launch of its Cable Lay Service, the newest addition to its suite of weather forecasting services.

StormGeo’s Cable Lay Service provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) to enable operators, owners and supporting agencies engaged in operations to make effective, knowledge-based and timely decisions. The intuitive portal interface allows users to control displayed layers including metocean data, vessel locations, AIS tracking, satellite and radar imagery, visibility, ice conditions and other parameters.

Using sophisticated models and the expertise of in-house meteorologists, StormGeo’s Cable Lay Service provides the tools to assess weather risks related to operations at sea and helps identify suitable weather windows for all operations. The service helps cable owners and cable operators improve the planning of their operations and make informed decisions, in order to know when, where and for how long weather conditions will allow for safe operations.

According to StormGeo CEO Kent Zehetner, “Cable laying operations are challenging, time critical and dependent on weather conditions. It requires extensive expertise and highly accurate, up-to-date information to prevent project delays caused by bad weather and rough sea-state conditions. In an effort to support operators to reduce weather uncertainty we created StormGeo’s Cable Lay Service for better planning of operations and for keeping their employees safe, while reducing costs and saving time.”

If required, StormGeo can support operations with a dedicated onsite meteorologist that will provide expert and immediate decision support on operative windows, reducing the alpha factor for the operation.

About StormGeo

StormGeo provides decision support for weather sensitive operations with services in Renewable Energy, Offshore Oil & Gas, Media, Aviation, Corporate Business Continuity and Shipping. The company helps its clients to safeguard people, assets and profits with products and services created by a team of meteorology, oceanography, and computer science experts. StormGeo is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and operates out of 26 offices in 16 countries with teams of meteorology experts available 24/7/365. StormGeo is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Its majority shareholders are EQT and DNV GL. More information is available at stormgeo.com.