• StormGeo Logo

Use of the StormGeo logo

The logo is a logo-type, without any symbol/icon.

The logo can be used in 3 colors: Blue, Black and White.

Use the blue logo only on a white or light backgrounds.
On black and dark backgrounds, the white logo can be used.
On a light colored or grey backgrounds, the black logo can be used.

Use of the logo must follow these rules, so the similarity will be preserved

  • Don’t change the color of the logo
  • Don’t use shadow, 3D, stroke or any other effects on the logo
  • Don’t stretch the logo in any direction
  • Minimum width is 2 cm / 0.8 in

In other words; the StormGeo logo should always be placed in its entirety, and should not be manipulated in any way.

Placing the logo

It is important that the logo has enough space around itself. The width of the “t” is the minimum size from edge of the page to start/end/top/bottom of the logo.

logo width

Blue Color:

RGB: 0,127,193
HEX: 007fc1
CMYK: 100,32,0,0
Pantone: 3005 C