• StormGeo Nena and WirelessCar Partner to Transform Electric Vehicle Charging with Advanced Power Price Analysis

StormGeo Nena and WirelessCar Partner to Transform Electric Vehicle Charging with Advanced Power Price Analysis


StormGeo Nena, a prominent European energy analysis house, has joined forces with WirelessCar, a global leader in connected vehicle services, to bring a cutting-edge power price analysis service to millions of electric vehicle (EV) users. The collaboration aims to provide OEMs with the ability to support EV owners with real-time insights into optimal charging times. As a result, charging costs for consumers are reduced while empowering a more sustainable energy consumption.

The partnership was finalized in October 2023 and is about to enter the initial integration phase. StormGeo Nena will integrate their power price analysis data into the WirelessCar 'Plug & Save' service during this phase. The 'Plug & Save' service, which is currently in a pilot stage, is projected to expand WirelessCar's service portfolio for vehicle manufacturers that aim to improve the EV ownership experience.

Jens Andersson, Architect and Developer at WirelessCar, highlights this collaboration's impact on the consumer experience: "Electric vehicle ownership has now passed the early adopter phase in several countries, and the expectations for a smooth experience are higher. Building on the electricity forecasts from StormGeo, WirelessCar can help car makers provide charging which is optimized by default – resulting in lower costs for consumers and a healthier electricity grid for us all."

The partnership allows StormGeo and WirelessCar to work closely together for ongoing service refinement, as well as looking to further expand within this area, making the partnership innovative and scalable.

"This significant partnership, in the making for almost a year, demonstrates the applicability of our pan-European price analysis to innovative technologies. StormGeo constantly pushes the industries and looks at new initiatives and partnerships to add value while navigating the volatile energy and power markets." - concludes StormGeo's Senior VP Onshore, Arve Dahl Nielsen, on the significance of this initiative for both players.


For further information, please contact:

Maria Augutis
Sales Manager Onshore Europe, StormGeo
Email: maria.augutis@stormgeo.com 

Aleksandra Orekhova
Marketing Manager, EMEA, StormGeo
Email: aleksandra.orekhova@stormgeo.com 

Jens Andersson
Architect & Developer, WirelessCar
Email: jens.andersson@wirelesscar.com



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