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GEN-I Group selects StormGeo as European power analysis provider

The carbon-free energy supplier GEN-I Group, based in Slovenia, has selected StormGeo Nena Analysis as their provider for hourly Central Western Europe (CWE) spot and short-term analyses.

GEN I group power analysis provider

“We were looking for a provider that could facilitate us with a strong and objective analysis of the power market and we are glad that we have selected a respected player in weather intelligence and advanced data science such as StormGeo. We highly appreciate the features of StormGeo Nena Analysis as it is very instrumental for the assessment of our decisions and future risks.” said Ludvik Bartelj, Director of Advanced Analytics and Algorithmic Trading at GEN-I.

StormGeo’s new spot and short-term analysis for the CWE flow-based market coupling regime gives simultaneous calculation of the flow, power balance and price—helping to find valid and stable solutions for the continental power markets. The European power analysis will be provided to GEN-I via API and the StormGeo Nena Analysis web portal.

Arve Dahl Nielsen, StormGeo VP of Energy Markets, added, “We are delighted that GEN-I Group, one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the European energy market, has chosen StormGeo Nena Analysis as their provider of power market insight. We are proud to support their commitment in being the first Slovenian supplier of exclusively carbon-free electricity, which aligns with StormGeo’s own sustainability values and mission.”

The analyses provide insight for the next day, week and three weeks for the 20 European countries that are connected in the day-ahead market coupling, which provide 85% of all European electricity.

About StormGeo Nena Analysis

Nena Analysis, founded in 1997, is a leading analysis house delivering energy market insights that was acquired by StormGeo in 2016. Nena Analysis provides price prognoses and fundamental market analysis to major utilities, trading entities, funds, banks, and private investors, among others.

StormGeo is a global provider of weather intelligence and decision support services, with leading solutions for shipping, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, cross industries, media, and aviation. StormGeo’s products and services help clients manage risk, optimize performance, reduce costs and increase revenue amid climate change. The company has 23 offices globally, including eight 24/7/365 global operations centers.

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