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Interenergo selects StormGeo as European Power Analysis provider

Slovenian company Interenergo has selected StormGeo Nena as their provider for hourly European spot and short-term, along with Carbon and Coal analysis.


“At Interenergo's Advanced Analytics, we decided to incorporate the StormGeo Nena's short-term analysis after careful in-house assessment of their potential and expected future developments for the markets nearby our region. StormGeo's cooperative approach was also a supporting part of our decision. We believe they will deliver to our mutual expectations.” said Iztok Lapanja, Head of Advanced Analytics of Interenergo.

StormGeo’s spot and short-term analysis for the European power markets gives simultaneous calculation of the flow, power balance, and price—helping to find valid and stable solutions for the designated European power markets. The analysis will be provided to Interenergo via API and the StormGeo Nena Analysis web portal.

Tomo Bajželj, StormGeo European Energy Markets Sales Manager, added, “We are delighted that Interenergo’s team took the time to thoroughly assess the performance of StormGeo Nena and decided to choose us as their provider for power market, carbon and coal insights. We are proud to support their ambitious activity and expansion in the region.”

The analyses provide fundamental market analysis with proven track record for the next day, week and three weeks to major utilities and trading entities.

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