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StormGeo and DNV GL Create Fleet Performance Management Powerhouse

Feb 19, 2019

StormGeo and classification society DNV GL have combined fleet performance management systems to create a new offering for the global shipping industry.

The integration of DNV GL’s ECO Insight and Navigator Insight solutions with StormGeo’s FleetDSS and ship reporting solutions will ultimately result in a product that provides complete fleet performance. This includes route advisory, navigation and planning, and fleet performance management services.

StormGeo will manage the fleet performance centers, delivery, product development, and sales of this new fleet management powerhouse [...] DNV GL will continue to offer technical support to ECO Insight customers.

“Partnering with DNV GL enables us to accelerate the development of our fleet performance management offering by pooling the competence, software, and insight of both companies,” said StormGeo CEO Per-Olof Schroeder, when the agreement was signed earlier this month. “Bringing these solutions together will give our clients even more ways to enhance the safety, efficiency and transparency of their operations. Finally, this product builds on our vision of establishing StormGeo as the leading provider of performance management solutions to the shipping industry.”

The new solution includes the largest vessel performance data set and developer team in shipping. These will provide industry-leading analytics that give customers even better data to enhance their operational decision- making. The existing services will be maintained and strengthened within StormGeo, with all solutions brought together in the back-end of the system, using improved data infrastructure.

More than 12,000 vessels currently receive a daily service from StormGeo for route advisory, weather intelligence, navigation and planning, or fleet performance.

DNV GL will retain a strong connection to the new product through the 26.4% share in StormGeo it has held since 2014. DNV GL will also continue to offer technical support to ECO Insight customers. Users will also be able to share data through DNV GL’s open industry platform Veracity.

“Since its introduction in 2014, ECO Insight has grown into the largest performance solution in shipping, with installations on more than 2,000 vessels. In addition, 22 industry partners already connect their data and analytics to the system,” said Trond Hodne, Senior Vice President at DNV GL – Maritime.

“ECO Insight has already been an outstanding success and, by combining it with StormGeo’s services, we believe we can offer a solution that not only gives broader functionality, but taps into a richer data set. This will give our customers new and exciting services and insights to boost their competitiveness.”

The two companies expect the transaction to be complete by March 2019.

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