We Answer Your Questions About the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

Trying to understand how the new CII regulation will impact your business? 

Our team of experts, led by Dr. Thilo Dückert (Vice President, Fleet Performance Management), is ready to answer any and all questions you may have about the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

As the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation comes into effect, increasing pressure is put on the shipping industry to decarbonize their operations and reduce the carbon intensity of their fleet. To help the shipping industry navigate this new regulation, StormGeo experts are available for Q&A on CII for a limited time.

Whether you are wondering how you should calculate your CII rating, trying to identify what data you need to collect or figuring out how to improve your rating, our experts can help..

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Our Team of Experts
Dr. Thilo Dückert Dr. Thilo Dückert

Dr. Thilo Dückert

Vice President, Fleet Performance Management

Thomas Weber Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

Director, Fleet Performance Products

Madeleine Engelhardt Madeleine Engelhardt

Madeleine Engelhardt

Product Manager, Fleet Compliance and Technical Performance

Petter Andersen Petter Andersen

Petter Andersen

Head of Sales, Norway & Nordics

Michael Qiao Michael Qiao

Michael Qiao

Market Development Manager


Carbon Intensity Indicator Dashboard in s-Insight | Environmental Performance module provides a reliable overview of the status quo and profound guidance for action items to improve operational performance.

Carbon Intensity Indicator Dashboard