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Get a complete understanding of the commercial impact of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) with StormGeo's CII Simulator. As an integral feature of the CII Dashboard, the simulator enables you to compute and project the impact of CII ratings based on modifiable parameters.

Our CII Simulator provides a flexible, powerful, and actionable tool for owners and operators to collaborate on operational deployment and achieve desirable CII ratings.

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Key benefits

Monitor CII compliance status

Not only monitor the latest CII rating but also compute any deterioration and project when the vessel will fall into a lower CII rating over a year.

Reveal the impact of commercial parameters on CII rating

Discover the impact of specific commercial parameters on the CII rating at a glance and trigger proactive business decisions for vessel retrofits or conversions.

Assess environmental performance

Compute current CII ratings, project next year’s status of CII compliance or deterioration, and take prescriptive actions to reach sustainability goals.

Details & Specifications


StormGeo CII Simulator Voyage

CII simulation for voyage performance

Predict voyage performance or compute carbon intensity over the course of a year of trading based on different commercial parameters:

  • Distance
  • Draft
  • Level of uncertainty
  • Sea Margin
  • Fuel type
  • Share of biofuel
  • Days for idling and working
  • Fuel consumption
  • Desired CII after the next voyage
StormGeo CII Simulator Calm Sea Speed

Determine the optimal calm sea speed for the voyage

Simulate suggested calm sea speeds and the desired CII with our proprietary model and statistical hydrodynamic analysis.

StormGeo CII Simulator diagram

Diagrams relate to speed vs. CII / consumption

Get deep insights about CII value and main engine consumption at different speeds with our speed vs. CII/consumption diagrams.

CII simulator main screenshot

CII simulation for End of Year (EOY)

Simulate the CII for End of Year (EOY), following the same principle for voyage performance simulation. You can also incorporate the effect of planned maintenance events on the projected end-of-year CII, including dry-docking, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, and more.

StormGeo CII Simulator dynamic chart

Dynamic chart displays CII over time

Get a clear overview of the impact of operational deployment measures by showing the moving CII in correlation to the main engine load (%MCR) and the operational status (at sea, maneuvering, in port). Contextualize data in relation to the required CII for various ship types and sizes and for the specific year.

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