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  • Tide Line Signs with StormGeo to Increase Digitalization of Voyage Planning & Route Optimization

Tide Line Signs with StormGeo to Increase Digitalization of Voyage Planning & Route Optimization

Tide Line Inc., a ship management company based in Greece, specializes in owned and third-party management of dry bulk carriers. Led by Paris Xanalatos, a fourth-generation Greek shipowner and supported by a highly experienced team of maritime professionals, the company has managed over 20 vessels since its establishment in 1998.

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Tide Line began its partnership with StormGeo in 2019, installing StormGeo’s BonVoyage System (BVS) and s-Planner, Charts & Publications modules to its vessels to enhance the digitalization of their fleet. With BVS, Tide Line can tap into fuel savings through optimized routes, all while staying safe from tropical cyclones and heavy weather. s-Planner has been another boost to Tide Line’s sustainability efforts—enabling them to buy all necessary charts and publications digitally, reducing their carbon footprint and avoiding any logistic problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The key in our relationship with StormGeo is the personnel - the personal contact and the immediate support we receive 24/7 is appreciated by both office and onboard staff,’’ said Michalis Psarros, Operations Manager of Tide Line Inc. “We have found s-Planner to be extremely user-friendly. We receive charts and corrections promptly and can continue voyages safely in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.’’

A recent upgrade to s-Planner means it will provide multiple functions to clients through one platform. Customers can now download up-to-the-minute weather forecasting from StormGeo, apply route optimization and purchase digital charts from one user-friendly source.

StormGeo s-Planner helps to go digitalization of voyage planning & route optimization. Contact us to speak with a StormGeo representative.