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Optimize routes, monitor weather conditions and plan for navigation.

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Key benefits

Best-in-class weather intelligence

The master’s choice in weather display. Simple, yet fully customizable weather data delivery.

Multi-variable route optimization

Optimize your route for least cost, required arrival time or least time, and set environmental restraints.

Compatible with s-Planner | Charts for Navigational Compliance

BVS can be used as a stand-alone product or as an advanced weather and route optimization module for s-Planner | Charts.

StormGeo Admiralty Distributor v3

StormGeo is an authorised distributor of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions

Details & Specifications

Designed with masters and the bridge environment in mind, s-Planner | BVS provides you with user-friendly route optimization, voyage planning and reliable weather forecasting in a simple-to-install, intuitive application.

Click here for a series of tutorials on s-Planner | BVS. You'll also learn about key features and functionalities. 

StormGeo s Planner Tropical Storm Display

Tropical Storm Track – Ensemble Probability 

Seven-day outlook represented in color contours the percentage probability of the center of a tropical storm passing within 125 miles of a given port. The probability is based on 94 ensemble members and operational runs. Data is updated every six hours for active tropical cyclones. 
This feature is unique to s-Planner | BVS! 

StormGeo s Planner Current Display

Surface Currents coupled with tidal forecast 

Our in-house tidal current velocity model merges with the global tide data, resulting in highly accurate information on tides and large-scale ocean circulation. 

StormGeo s Planner Ship shore Route Exchange

Ship-to-shore route and data exchange 

Combined with StormGeo’s s-Insight, BVS sets up a valuable communication protocol between a vessel and the shore-based manager, allowing for the display of the current route track as well as the route planned in BVS. 
Routes and position reports are displayed in our shore-based s-Insight. Masters can receive and import our recommended track directly into BVS. 

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The full StormGeo s-Suite


The complete, one-stop solution to optimize time, fuel and vessel performance while ensuring navigational and environmental compliance. 

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