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Baltnav Signs with StormGeo for Route Advisory and Fuel Optimization Services

The Danish bulk operator Baltnav recently signed with StormGeo for weather routing and fuel optimization services for their global fleet of bulk carriers.

Baltnav offers highly professional, flexible, and competitive solutions to its partners and clients, mainly within the grain and fertilizer industries. Founded in 2011, Baltnav has grown from a single employee company to a global presence, with 27 employees and offices in Singapore, Tasmania, and Copenhagen. Currently, Baltnav operates 60 ships, from Handysize vessels up to Supramax. The company has a worldwide reach but a laser focus on South America, Mediterranean, Australia, and South East Asia markets.

Baltnav now deepens the working relationship with StormGeo, using s-Routing for route advisory and fuel optimization services in 2022. By leveraging the capabilities of s-Routing, Baltnav can identify the safest and most cost-effective routes and fine-tune each voyage to ensure safety, reduce fuel consumption, and understand the impacts of weather.

“We partnered with StormGeo as they have a long history of providing weather routing services to several shipping clients globally,” says Sebastian Demant, Global Head of Operations at Baltnav. “We especially enjoy working with StormGeo as they understand how we would like our vessels to be routed and can tailor-make a solution that fits us perfectly. The daily team at StormGeo understands what we require and are always ready to share input or assist us in various ways to optimize our vessel performance.”

Partnering up with StormGeo gives Baltnav 24/7 access to StormGeo’s expert route analysts, that identify the most cost-effective, sustainable, and safe route by factoring in vessel specifications and environmental conditions. With their s-Routing subscription, Baltnav also gets free access to s-Insight for onshore fleet monitoring.

Furthermore, StormGeo’s new fuel optimization service plus (FOS+) gives Baltnav actionable advice on vessel speed to improve voyage return on investment (ROI). As the latest addition to StormGeo’s s-Routing module, FOS+ provides the best alternative voyage speeds by considering variable vessel costs and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

StormGeo will support Baltnav from its Copenhagen offices, making the partnership an important step toward increased expansion into the Danish shipping market for StormGeo.

"The Danish shipping market is highly competitive, so we are truly excited that Baltnav has found a safe harbor in StormGeo’s services. Not only are they using our recognized, trusted, and classic routing services, but they also leverage our latest, most innovative, and premium fuel optimization services to improve the financial performance of their voyages. The partnership with Baltnav demonstrates that StormGeo is a force to be reckoned with in the Danish shipping market,” says Kim Sørensen, COO of Shipping at StormGeo.

StormGeo’s route advisory services give access to strategic and tactical guidance along an optimal route, helping shipping companies overcome severe weather anywhere in the world 24/7. Learn more about StormGeo’s s-Routing here.

StormGeo s-Insight helps to achieve corporate emission goals by improving fleet performance. Contact us to speak with a StormGeo representative.
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StormGeo's expert Route Analysts factor in your vessel specifications and environmental conditions to identify the most cost-effective, sustainable and safe route.

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Get a complete overview of your entire fleet independent of hardware, including fuel and time information you can act on immediately.