Iceberg detection and drift

StormGeo Vortex
StormGeo Vortex

For Arctic risk awareness we can offer a solution that combines satellite detection of icebergs and simulation of the iceberg drift based on StormGeo Iceberg Drift Model.

The concept is a joint venture, aided by Kongsberg Satellite Services to provide detection of icebergs by analyzing SAR data from polar-orbiting satellites.

Icerberg detection and drift
Key benefits

Real time iceberg monitoring

Understand the risk of icebergs with live monitoring and simulation of potential icebergs impacting your project.

Iceberg drift API

Our API can feedback to any third party (or the StormGeo vortex) simulation results from detections received from Kongsberg Satellite Services.

Details and specifications

Understand the risk of iceberg impact by monitoring and simulating potential icebergs in customer AOI (need to re-word).

Iceberg trajectory forecast

  • Measuring distance and area
  • Iceberg drift simulation

Arctic map layers

  • Ice charts, visual and infrared images, remote sensing data.

AIS tracking


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