StormGeo Studio Weather Graphics

StormGeo Studio provides a low-cost and flexible solution for media outlets to create custom weather content. Developed with award-winning Singular.Live technology, the platform is cloud and subscription based.

Key benefits

Versatile weather data

For more than 30 years, StormGeo has provided weather forecasting and data intelligence on land, sea and air for various industries across the world.

Flexible and simple setup

StormGeo Studio integrates into your existing media workflows and is developed on open international standards for graphics, data flow, rendering and OTT playout.

Online scalable platform

The cloud and subscription-based package requires no upfront investment and lowers production costs.

Details and specifications: StormGeo Studio

A cloud-based weather graphics and forecasting platform for media outlets.

StormGeo Studio Weather Graphics

Easily accessible

StormGeo Studio runs across all browser-enabled devices without the need for 3rd party plugins or any other extension(s).

Cloud infrastructure

Pay-as-you-go while rendering in the cloud for OTT (over-the-top) streams or the more traditional broadcast SDI (serial digital interface) playout.


Built on common web standards, StormGeo Studio API’s for interaction, templates and rendering capabilities are easily integrated into your workflow and your preferred setup for playout.

Global weather intelligence

Supported by StormGeo's world class weather forecasting and data intelligence.

StormGeo Studio + Artitv

Transform your weather reports without the need for a studio, from any location of your choice. With Arti, all you need is a camera, internet connection and StormGeo Studio to create engaging AR (augmented reality) weather reports for your broadcast or video.

See StormGeo Studio for yourself, contact one of our StormGeo team members for a demonstration.

Supporting solutions

Media outlets

StormGeo supplies your media team with expert global and local weather services to deliver accurate, professional forecasts through a flexible, efficient system.

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