Ragnvald Moberg

Ragnvald Moberg

Vice President, Media, Bergen

Leads StormGeo’s media sales and product team. His strong passion for technology, with a focus on architecture, workflow, programming and UX, led him to assume product responsibility across StormGeo’s mobile services, Media, Renewables and Offshore.

Ragnvald’s Story

“Being part of the R&D team from the start, I have enjoyed working on all aspects of the product being built – from StormGeo’s internal production systems, to client-centered design and UX processes.”

Ragnvald joined StormGeo’s R&D team in 2001. Over the years, his role has also allowed him to take the technical lead on projects for mobile services working with telecommunications companies across Europe.

“Working across organizations as well as different cultures has been very rewarding and educational.”

StormGeo started working in media in 1997, serving national television and media outlets. In 2001, the StormGeo media team launched the first weather-on-demand solution, enabling forecasts in real-time for any possible location globally, served through an easily accessible API. Since then, the experienced media team has transformed products and services for clients’ needs – now serving high-end digital clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In recent years, “AI,” “data-driven decision solutions” and “automation” have transformed from being buzzwords into a part of our daily life – specifically within media products and services.

“Many aspects of these continuous transformations are captured within the concept of ‘cognifying,’ the process of making products and services smarter – a term coined by Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired Magazine.

The process of cognifying is essential all throughout media. Some examples are bots gathering background stories, producing articles and targeted ads, robotized television studios and much more.”


Cognifying; UX and design; Architecture; Workflow; Cloud; Streaming; Programming; Concurrency

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