Shawn Rampy

Shawn Rampy

Strategy Development Manager, Houston

Provides leadership within StormGeo’s Strategy Development team. An expert in business strategy with over three decades of industry knowledge, Shawn identifies new opportunities that allow StormGeo to apply its "best of class" weather forecasting capabilities to new, innovative and customer-focused products and services.

Shawn’s Story

“I consider it a privilege to work with such a great group of professionals at StormGeo. I really enjoy being a part of the cutting-edge work at the core of StormGeo's focus – bringing weather expertise to bear upon valued business solutions for our clients.”

Shawn rejoined the Houston office in 2016 as Business Development Project Manager. Leveraging a breadth of professional experience – including aviation meteorology, digital and mobile product development, broadcast meteorology, business development, and strategy development – Shawn is constantly on the lookout for the nexus between the state-of-the-science of weather forecasting and the opportunity to create business solutions StormGeo's customers need to maximize profits.

Shawn led in the conceptualization and launch of StormGeo’s inaugural digital map offerings, its state-of-the-art broadcast video production and streaming capabilities, and the enhanced StormWatch storm-based severe weather warnings. More recently, Shawn has been at the vanguard of StormGeo’s product and service innovation efforts, identifying and leveraging opportunities to apply machine-learning, advanced analytics, in situ weather observations, and probabilistic forecasts in the creation of the next generation of value for StormGeo’s clients.

Shawn works across all of StormGeo’s business units to help develop innovative services through both internal team and external client interactions, creating tailored solutions that fit customers' needs.

“There is nothing as professionally satisfying as working with a client to capture their unique business challenges, conceptualize with the client the solutions to address those challenges, and then seeing the client respond with ‘Yes! That’s it!’”


Strategy Development; New Business Development; Meteorology; Mobile, Digital, Aviation Weather, Broadcast

Industry Workgroups

Experimental Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) Convective Forecast Planning Guidance

IEEE Transaction Paper Working Group on Prediction of Line Ratings of Subcommittee 15.11 on Overhead Lines

National Business Aviation Association Friends and Partners in Aviation Weather (FPAW)

National Business Aviation Association Weather Subcommittee


Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M University.