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5 Tips for Hurricane Season [Video]

Hurricane season is here. Is your business ready? Here are 5 tips from our storm experts to stay ahead of the storm!

Tip 1: Know what's coming

  • For the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season, StormGeo predicts 19 named storms, 9 hurricanes and 5 intense hurricanes. 

See the full 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Forecast

Tip 2: Think immediate and long-term

  • Have an updated emergency supply kit on hand.
  • Protect, back up or remove all important internal documents or items.

Tip 3: Know your surroundings

  • Talk to your suppliers and distributors. Faraway storms can affect your supply chain.

Tip 4: Look at alternate forms of communication

  • Ensure all employees know what to do if the primary form of communication falters.

Tip 5 - The most important one: Know how and when your location could be affected

  • Download this free Hurricane Guide to start building your emergency response plan.
  • Ensure you have 24/7 access to a meteorologist who knows your business.

Learn how our tropical storm experts and meteorologists can support your business: info@stormgeo.com