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Call for Webinar Participants

Call for Webinar Participants

Has your organization dealt with a severe weather threat? Were you able to maintain operations and minimize risks? We’re looking for participants for an upcoming webinar series where successful companies can share their stories and lessons learned. Weather can be a major cause of disruption for a business; help other business professionals learn from your experiences.

We want to hear:

  • How you maintained operations, kept employees and customers safe during severe weather events such as hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, lightning, winter storms, wildfires, etc.
  • Did your experience cause you to make changes to your business continuity plan?
  • Were you able to forego an evacuation?
  • Were you able to minimize downtime and thus, save your facility thousands?

Sign up by filling out your contact information and a brief overview of your proposed topic. You will be contacted to discuss your story, review logistic requirements and determine the best time for you to present.

StormGeo offers webinars throughout the year on a range of topics. Webinars typically run 30–60 minutes and include 5–10 minutes of attendee questions. Webinars are hosted by StormGeo meteorologist Dave Gorham to ensure a smooth production and facilitate conversation and Q&A. Webinars are promoted through various channels, including email, social media and online.

If you have questions regarding webinars, please contact Lindsey Falconer: lindsey.falconer@stormgeo.com.

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