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Fog Forecasting Service

Making the Unpredictable Predictable - Some things in life are unpredictable, but knowing when your operations are going to be shutdown by dense fog shouldn’t be one of them. StormGeo’s Fog Forecasting Service uses advanced forecasting techniques and data acquisition to provide verifiable and accurate results with several days of lead time.

Imagine having as much as 120 hours to reschedule incoming supplies and outgoing product, or avoiding a shut-down because of the foresight to clear warehouses and tanks making room for stalled product due to transportation shutdowns.

And when it comes to your personnel, it’s certainly no small matter to be able to have an extra couple of days to adjust the operations schedule when considering an upcoming dense and long-lasting fog event.

Many of StormGeo’s best forecast products and services would be almost impossible without the support of the most advanced and complex numerical computer models. However, StormGeo’s Fog Forecasting Service relies on traditional meteorology and hand-crafted forecasts due to the extremely localized nature of Marine Advection Fog.

This type of coastal and inland fog often forms in the extremely shallow air masses “under” the computer models where only one or two degrees makes the difference between unrestricted visibility and a complete gray-out.

All of StormGeo’s forecasting information is available in a customizable online portal for both onshore and offshore users, supported by a team of seasoned meteorologists at StormGeo, available 24/7, year round.

StormGeo’s Fog Forecasting Service predicts dense fog occurrences so that you can act, not react to a weather condition that was once thought unpredictable.