On Demand: Climate Impacts Summit: Hurricane Impacts

Climate Impacts Summit On Demand

Climate Impacts Summit: Watch Event On Demand

Trends in Global Cyclone Activity 1990-2021 (Extended Presentation)

Dr. Phil Klotzbach
Research Scientist, Department of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University

Extended session includes additional information about:

  • Short-lived Atlantic storms
  • Rapid intensification and rapid weakening
  • Sea level rise and heavy rain events
  • Gulf steam and loop current and the effects on rapid intensification
  • Earlier start to hurricane season


Quantifying Hurricane Flood Risk (Extended Presentation)

Dr. Kerry Emanuel
Professor of Atmospheric Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Extended session includes additional information about:

  • Hurricane mortality causes
  • Using physical models to estimate hurricane flood risks
  • Climate models for hurricane winds
  • Flood risk modeling at a personal level
  • "Brown Ocean Effect" and thinking differently about inland hurricane risks
  • Global supply chain and hurricane risks around the globe

Business Leaders Panel

Business leaders discussion panel with:

  • Jay Blessing, Disaster Recovery Manager at T-Mobile
  • Louie Dabdoub, VP Incident Response at Entergy
  • Beverly Schulz, VP Business Continuity and Crisis Management at Raymond James

Discussion Topics:

  • Simple, practical things organizations can do to respond to changing hurricane threats in the near term
  • Supply chain issues affecting recovery
  • Planning for the catastrophic worst-case scenario
  • Getting the c-suite on board to invest in operational changes to combat climate change