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Flood Modeling Solution

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StormGeo has partnered with 7Analytics to create a high-resolution flood modeling solution.

This solution features a cutting-edge flood prediction system which combines the best weather inputs and machine-learning flood modeling techniques to give you actionable insights before and during the flood. Flood models have the capability to visualize potential impact on individual locations and nearby streets. 

Four Components of Flood Model

  • Forecast: Forecast data from numerous weather models are analyzed to predict rainfall rates and times to determine a reasonable worst- case rainfall total

  • Probability of Flood: Detection of low-lying areas that are more prone to flooding and drainage capacity of the area.
  • Consequence: Identifying how the forecasted precipitation will move, where it will pool; based on the land use, sub-basins, and more.
  • Warning: Early alerts to allow for mitigating actions to protect employees and assets.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Forecast the probability of flash flooding in each subbasin.
  • Forecast at specific buildings the maximum inundation expected near the building, parking lots, and nearby roadways.
  • Plan operations on a 72-hour forecast about detailed flood depth for expected heavy rainfall for both flash flooding and major channel flooding.
  • View obstructed roadways, as well as check the entire portfolio to allow risk ranking and a focused preparation or mitigation effort.

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