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September 1, 2021

Webinar: Structured Decision Making for Hurricane Response

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Webinar: Decision Making Hurricane Response


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September 1, 2021

As we move into peak hurricane season, we've seen a marked increase in activity over the past few weeks. As systems form, business and emergency response officials are faced with making timely decisions to safeguard people, property, and maintain continuity of operations.

Having a timeboxed detailed response plan is essential to a successful response. Structured decision guidance integrated into a hurricane response timeline will maximize decision-making effectiveness and risk exposure mitigation.

StormGeo will share structured decision-making strategies to enhance and guide the thought process behind time-phased, actionable trigger points, ultimately resulting in improved response planning and execution.

During the webinar, StormGeo's response experts, Alison Svrcek, Managing Director and Global Director of Client Services, and Courtland Keith, VP of Cross Industry, will discuss:

  • Defining actionable response timeline and trigger points
  • Utilizing objective decision guidance based on forecast parameters
  • Theory in action, StormGeo’s real-life response to events during the 2020 Hurricane Season. How we maintain operations to ensure our clients can maintain operations.
Webinar Speakers
Alison 250circle

Alison Svrcek
Managing Director
Global Director, Client Services

courtland 250circle

Courtland Keith
Vice President, Cross Industry