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Expert Guidance for Tough Weather Closure Decisions

Critical decision-making based on precise, point location weather information is necessary to determine delays and closures to avoid endangering students and staff. StormGeo’s advanced forecasting capabilities allow educational leaders to confidently evaluate conditions and make informed decisions based on scientific data and expert insights.

Discover How StormGeo Helps School Administrators Confidently Make the Call About Closures or Delays

The decision to cancel or delay school and outdoor activities is one that all superintendents wrestle with anytime the forecast calls for inclement weather. Safety is the primary concern when making any decision regarding schedule adjustments, and StormGeo Vortex provides clear data and support to guide you as you make the critical decision to close or delay school. Here are some of the key benefits of StormGeo Vortex for School Districts:

1. Accuracy without hype 

StormGeo provides clear and precise forecasts based on specific points within your school district allowing you to have a clear vision of the current and future conditions.


2. Expert meteorologists on-call 24/7

Superintendents often have the make school closure decisions in the early hours of the morning. StormGeo's dependable meteorologists are available 24/7/365 to guide you through the forecast and provide insights.


3. Planning for future weather risks with web-based dashboards

Displays current and forecast weather threats for fixed locations within your district with intuitive color-coded, traffic-light indicators to allow for at-a-glance future planning. 


4. Ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and the community

With StormGeo Vortex, you will have ample notice of impending threats and current conditions, so you can adjust working hours, student schedules, outdoor events, evacuation areas, and streamline communications between all responsible parties, ensuring students, faculty and the community aren't having to navigate inclement weather.



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How Can School Districts Protect Themselves Against Severe Weather?

Public weather information can provide helpful insights, but site-specific forecasts provide actionable information. What do you do when a severe weather or tropical forecast has been issued for the general public, but you are unsure how it will affect your school day?

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Get StormGeo Vortex for School Districts

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  • StormWatch
    • Threat ID
    • Color-Coded Alerts
    • Planning Forecast
  • Lightning Proximity Alerts
    • Up to 3 Radii Around Location
  • Critical Temperature Advisories
  • TropicsWatch (if applicable)
    • Overview
    • Daily Briefing
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    • Advisories
  • 24/7 Access to Meteorologists

Additional features available upon discussion

StormGeo Vortex | Lightning Proximity Alerts

StormGeo Vortex | Winter Weather Threat Identification

StormGeo Vortex | Critical Temperature Advisories

We’re experts in the many ways weather can affect school and communities. StormGeo Vortex gives you the data and expert insights you need to make tough weather closure decisions.