School bus snow storm

StormGeo Vortex for School Districts

Winter Forecasts & Decision Guidance Specific to Your School District

Critical decision-making based on precise, point location weather information is necessary to determine delays and closures to avoid endangering students and staff. StormGeo’s advanced forecasting capabilities allow educational leaders to confidently evaluate conditions and make informed decisions based on scientific data and expert insights.

Key Features and Benefits

Web-based Dashboards

Displays current and forecast weather threats for fixed asset locations with intuitive color-coded, traffic-light indicators.

Identify Threatened Locations

Risk and timing information for severe weather conditions including: heavy rainfall risk, snow risk, flood risk, wind risk, severe thunderstorm risks and more

Expert Meteorologists

Dependable access to expert meteorologists 24/7/365 to guide you through the forecast and provide insights.

Special StormGeo Vortex Pricing for School Districts

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School District Package

One Location
10 Online Portal Users
  • StormWatch
    • Threat ID
    • Color-Coded Alerts
    • Planning Forecast
  • Lightning Proximity Alerts
    • Up to 3 Radii Around Location
  • Critical Temperature Advisories
  • TropicsWatch (if applicable)
    • Overview
    • Daily Briefing
    • Site Forecasts
    • Advisories
  • 24/7 Access to Meteorologists

Additional features available upon discussion

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