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Weather Intelligence Solutions for Automotive, Construction, Paper Mills & Pharmaceuticals

Weather Intelligence Solutions for Automotive, Construction, Paper Mills & Pharmaceuticals

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Minimize downtime and optimize operations for the entire business process including the supply chain.

Key Benefits

Minimize Downtime

Slowed or halted operations means lost production time and increased costs. Mitigate operational interruptions with site-specific weather monitoring and decision support.

Optimize Operations

Minimize project delays, cost increases and impacts to safety with StormGeo’s business optimization planners. Set parameters and receive a custom weather window for scheduling operations.

Safeguard Employees

Personnel safety is a top concern - ensure operations run safely and on schedule with weather condition updates (via phone, portal or email) from our 24/7 meteorologists.

Protect Assets

Short- and long-term decision guidance tools provide the detailed information needed to reposition goods, control sensitive productions, reroute suppliers and prepare your facility.

Weather Intelligence for Manufacturing

Severe weather can have huge negative impacts on production. StormGeo’s suite of weather intelligence and decision support solutions provide manufacturers actionable plans to minimize risk and optimize production in the face of extreme weather events.

  • Receive 24/7 site-specific monitoring and alerts powered by analytics and our team of expert meteorologists.
  • Correlate complex weather effects – taking into account historical events, long-range forecasts and your production data – to enhance operations.
  • Utilize long-range planning tools to position fleets and optimize the supply chain.
  • Apply weather information to shift-change management. Schedule calls with our meteorologists to determine if the weather will affect employees' ability to get to work.

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StormGeo has a solution to guide you around the impacts of any significant weather events. This lets you focus on maintaining optimal production, reducing losses due to down-time and safeguarding all members of your team.

Aluminum Manufacturer at Risk During Extreme Cold

The largest aluminum manufacturer in the country has a plant in South Texas that extracts aluminum out of bauxite. This specialized, multi-step process requires chemicals to be pumped through lines located throughout the facility. This process and the chemicals are extremely sensitive to cold weather. During the winter months, the facility monitors external temperatures and will inject anti-freeze to keep the product from freezing, which would turn it into a cement-like substance that permanently blocks the lines. In the event the product does freeze, the manufacturer has to take apart the entire facility to fix the tubes that have been blocked. This type of facility shut down could take days, weeks or even months to fix, leading to a loss of productivity and revenue.

StormGeo provides this aluminum manufacturer seven-day forecasts broken down hour-by-hour with weather and temperature conditions. In the event of a winter weather advisory, StormGeo alerts the facility of the upcoming weather event, allowing the plant to take precautionary measures such as adding anti-freeze to the lines.