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StormGeo’s weather solutions are tailored for the telecom industry. Stay ahead of weather-related outages.

StormGeo’s weather solutions are tailored for the telecom industry. Stay ahead of weather-related outages.

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Key Benefits

Precise Location Information

Our location-specific weather impact input allows you to know exactly where your customers need support – ahead of time.

Easy to Use

StormGeo’s intuitive dashboard setup makes it simple for you to understand and quickly integrate its critical weather information into your decision-making.

An Extension of Your Team

Our weather experts on your team go beyond the media hype and help you to make decisions based on real data.

Details and specifications

  • Advanced Planning
    StormGeo’s long-term forecasts and short-term severe weather alerts are sent from our global network of 24/7 weather centers. Telecom engineers speak directly with our forecasters, building close partnerships to ensure our customers are aware of the risks and what actions to trigger in their own response plans. Our weather analysts work directly with telecom planners to set meaningful ‘risk and action’ thresholds, empowering you to make the right decisions in the face of fast-moving threats.

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  • Our Map or Yours
    StormGeo can integrate its weather data directly into your existing solutions using standard ESRI restful services. In minutes, you can have TropicsWatch and StormWatch unique layers integrated into your outage displays. This way, you can dispatch the right teams at the right times.
  • Optimize Asset Deployment
    Severe weather will rarely hit all areas with equal intensity. Our customers can pre-position engineering crews in StormGeo’s identified areas of maximum forecast damage, ahead of the weather. This both ensures an efficient use of engineering resources and minimizes downtime.
  • Early Mobilization of Restoration Crews
    StormGeo’s ‘all clear’ signal is alerted on a hyper-localized level, allowing telecom companies to make an immediate decision to commence restoration on a location-by-location basis, safe in the knowledge that the threat has passed.
  • Your Team of Weather Experts
    Go beyond public weather sources and media hype. With StormGeo, you add to your team a group of seasoned experts who blend all available data sources into products you can trust. StormGeo meteorologists are available 24/7/365, not only helping you to watch over all your assets, but also acting as a critical part of your disaster response team, providing video and telephone updates as needed. We are always just a quick call away.

Telecom solutions

  • TropicsWatch – Our suite of hurricane products
    StormGeo’s unique forecast tracks are issued earlier and longer than official governmental sources, giving you more reaction time. Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), Threatened Regions of Active Cyclones (TRAC) and detailed Storm Surge data provide telecoms the specific products they need to make critical decisions and stay ahead of the storms.
  • StormWatch – Our suite of major weather event tools
    Threat ID polygons provide up to seven-day notice of major weather events, including severe storms (tornado/hail/wind), winter blizzards, flooding and other perils to your exact locations. The real-time interactive maps show current and past events with multiple weather layers. Automated e-mails and alerts keep you updated on the latest weather information you need.
  • Weather Alerts – Our flexible alerting platform
    StormGeo’s real-time and forecast alerts enable you to stay on top of major weather threats and can drive meaningful staff decisions and customer engagement.
  • GIS Delivery – Our maps or yours
    StormGeo can supply a complete weather web portal experience, or you can choose to allow our suite of ESRI web and data services to extend your geospatial platforms or maps by integrating our unique products. The choice is yours – whichever best suits your situation.